So at Harrbo HQ we’ve had a pretty busy and EXCITING month. You may or may not know that we were featured in the May edition of British Vogue magazine, which is literally one of our dreams come true and we are super stoked to have had this opportunity so early in the game. It’s a little crazy that this started as an idea around 7 months ago and here we are already.

Whenever we get a ‘ping, someone has purchased from the website. ORDER #3718798’ I actually do a mini floss dance. So if you enjoy thinking of me breaking into dance either in the office, out at the shop or at my little boys swimming class, then please keep purchasing!

British Vogue Magazine is one off (in my opinion) the most iconic, fashion forward magazines that we have in the UK. I remember reading the magazine every month when I was a teenager, and thinking the products and brands were so amazing and inspiring, I would dream of having my own brand featured in the magazine. One of my goals now going forward is to have a bigger spread inside the magazine – a girl can dream right!!

We have another two issues coming out in June and July so keep an eye out for us.

Another fantastic opportunity that we have had recently, was to be a stallholder and the Mama Meet & Market in Derby and get to meet so many of our lovely customers. I was literally TERRIFIED driving to the Roundhouse. I was worried what if people didn’t like my products, what if the card machine breaks, what if no one turns up? But I was absolutely blown away with the support and kind words I received. Ainsley (the owner of Mama Meet and Market) did an incredible job of putting together all the elements for the day and she is one of the best event planners I have ever met. It was so great to meet everyone, which got me thinking… I’d like to do more pop up’s in the future so this is something that I am going to look into for the rest of the year.

Thank you for supporting this idea of mine. Shopping for newborn, baby and toddler clothes can be difficult and if we can make any element of a shopping experience easier, then this makes us extremely happy!

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