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It brings me great excitement to finally write this post. I have always wanted to start and run my own business, something in fashion as my degree is Fashion Buying, and clothes have always inspired me but I always struggled to find my inspiration.. my muse almost. Fast forward a few years and I gave birth to the most gorgeous, funny, loving and entertaining little boy.. and there it was.. my muse! I struggled to find baby clothes that I wanted to put him in. Admittingly girls clothes were easier to shop for, but I found it almost impossible to find baby boy clothes that were cute, modern, stylish and NOT BLUE.

One day whilst shopping in a well known high street retailer for kids clothes, I picked up a pair of girls leggings, looked at them and wondered why on earth are these for just girls? There was nothing particularly girly about them at all. Long story short I bought them for my little boy and my mummy friends [who also had boys] started to ask me where I got them from! This is when I thought of Harrbo. I am now in a position where I can design, seek and source baby clothes that are modern, cute and don't make your little baby look like a teenager! A lot of my designs are unisex as I don't really like putting a gender label on them. I hope you love them as much as I do - and I make sure that EVERYTHING that I design and create I would put my little boy in. If it's not good enough for him, it's not good enough for my customers!!

If you have read this for then thank you so much I really appreciate all the support. Our launch date is the beginning of August and I can not wait to share our collection with you. I am a HUGE believer in customer feedback and suggestions, so when we say we want your feedback we mean it.. like really really mean it! That's why our first collection is limited.. we want you to tell us what you like and what you don't. Your favourite items we will re-stock, your not so favourite items we'll listen to you, and as always we are always working on something new and creative.. so watch this space.. it is just the beginning for Harrbo.

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